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Pro-Life Utah was founded upon the idea that people from different faiths and backgrounds can work together to secure and defend the fundamental right to life for society's most vulnerable members, unborn babies. Additionally, we work to provide women with the resources necessary to choose life or to provide healing and support for those emotionally wounded by abortion.

Everyone that is touched by an abortion decision is harmed. In addition to the mother and child, fathers, extended family, and abortion clinic employees are also victims of abortion. We are committed to peaceful, loving and non-judgmental approaches to promote a culture of life, love and healing.


Meet the team behind the movement

Bruce Rigby Founder

I consider myself a citizen lobbyist on behalf of the smallest human beings who do not yet have the ability to share their voices. I have always been pro-life, but it took some friends opening up dialog about the abortion movement to ignite the fighter in me. By simply speaking up about important matters, I feel I have helped ignite the same spark in others. I believe that continuing to discuss important matters in our society will result in hearts and laws changing, and the constitutional ideals finally being upheld. My wife and I have found adoption to be the best way to turn this epidemic into pro-life opportunities! I am a husband, father, musician, and work in energy trading.

Mary Taylor President

I grew up in a pro-choice culture and heavily influenced by the 1960’s. I thoughtlessly assumed all of the “reproductive rights” mantras of the day never questioning a woman’s right to choose until that choice was mine to make. Then, suddenly it didn’t feel right. Nagging questions plagued mymind and I started to wonder if there was any truth to the things the crazy, clinic bombing, pro-life fanatics had to say. I had to know before I made this choice.

I made an appointment with a counselor at a women’s clinic just to gather information. After all, they were the experts. Who would know the answers to my questions better than a clinic that performed abortions every day? Oh, what a silly and naïve little girl I was…

After 35 years of heartache, I have finally found some solace in my volunteer work at Pro-Life Utah. I will spend the rest of my life doing whatever I can to both reverse and/or limit Roe v Wade and to reach out to young women who need answers or solutions in their own unexpected pregnancies.

Deanna Holland Vice President

As a wife and mother of 5 children, I had been feeling a strong desire to get involved in the pro-life movement, and did not know where to start. After wanting to go to the local March for Life, and finding out there was none, I decided to put one on. Thus, the journey began. This work has been rewarding and life-changing in so many ways. My heart has changed, and my love for others increased exponentially.

I believe that women are stronger than they even know, and that when challenges arise, they can rise up to the occasion. I also believe that sometimes all it takes to help another in their challenges is to be a friend and support. I want to help get the word out that there are people who want to help. No one need ever feel like abortion is their only option.

Mary Kelsch Executive Director

My name is Mary Kelsch and I am the executive director of ProlifeUtah. I have always been passionate about life, and I felt a strong desire to turn that passion into action. ProlifeUtah's inclusive makeup made it possible for me to finally become involved, and the more I learn about the abortion industry the more I understand that something must be done. I have heard and read so many personal, heartbreaking stories from women, men, and families that have been lied to and torn apart by corporate greed. Because of the many amazing advancements in technology, we can no longer pretend that abortion is anything other than murder. We must educate people and give women support in order to make abortion non-existent. Women do not choose abortion because they have a right to do so, they choose abortion because they feel there is no other choice.

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