Title X Family Planning Funding and PPAU's Lawsuit

  • Pro-Life Utah
  • 05/03/2018

In light of the revelation that three Planned Parenthood affiliates (including Planned Parenthood Association of Utah) filed suit against the Trump administration concerning Title X Family Planning funds, Pro-Life Utah would like to comment on the situation.

We are pleased with President Trump’s actions. For decades, these funds have in large part been funneled to organizations like Planned Parenthood, and although they frequently promote themselves as providers of “comprehensive reproductive health care,”this is not an accurate title for what they do (read more here about this false claim).

There are dozens of community health clinics all over Utah that DO offer what would be considered more “comprehensive” care. A list of some of these clinics can be found on the Utah Health Department’s website here. These clinics offer services free and on a sliding scale.  Services generally include all of what Planned Parenthood offers (except abortion services), along with prenatal care, postpartum care, well child care, miscarriage management, cancer screenings, and many others.

Last year, Planned Parenthood Association of Utah received approximately $2 million in Title X funding to provide, in their own words, “ subsidized and low-cost care to over 36,000 Utahns.” Yet they did NOT provide any of the following.

·        Miscarriage management

·        Molar pregnancy care

·        Natural Family Planning Instruction

·        Prenatal care

·        Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) care

·        Infertility testing & treatment

·        Hysterectomies

·        Tubal Ligations

·        Ectopic Pregnancy Management

·        Endometriosis Care

·        Uterine fibroid treatment

·        Labor & Delivery/ Birth Care

Planned Parenthood of Utah’s annual reports have no mention of these services, and a simple phone call to any of their eight clinics reveals that they do not offer them. In fact, in an interview with Ted Capener, CEO Karrie Galloway herself says that they don't provide prenatal care (starting at 8:10). They only provide birth control, STD testing, pregnancy tests, limited pap/ pelvic exams, abortions, and vasectomies.

These changes will increase options and locations for lower-income women and will open the door to women receiving help that supports her and the life of her unborn baby, as for many years, Title X funds have been going to an organization that only works to prevent or end the life of a child.

Utah women in any economic circumstance deserve real comprehensive reproductive health care, care that is not found at Planned Parenthood.

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