Bryonna's Story, Part 1 - A Spiritual War

  • Mary Taylor
  • 09/22/2016

Ping! That familiar ring from my laptop signaled a new email coming in as I mindlessly surfed the Internet on a quiet Sunday afternoon. I clicked on the tab of my Pro-life Utah email page expecting to see some regularly scheduled newsletter from a pro-life website or some other mundane piece of mail.

The subject line read "I feel like I have been fighting a spiritual war and I need some Cheerleaders". The sender's name was Lisa Sanders. Hmmm... I opened the email and begin to read.

"I just found out that I may be pregnant and already friends have turned against me and pro-choice people have come at me making me feel that I am selfish to give my baby life because I don't have a lot of money. I need some cheerleaders and some spiritual support. I need people to tell me that even though I'm only 4 weeks along that this baby is alive. I cannot tell if people are lying to me when they say it’s just science or if it’s true. I'm just so confused and am reaching out in the dark because I believe I have a light within me. But I have people telling me... or at least making me feel otherwise. I just feel that if I choose life over death that God will bless me. People tell me its "barely alive". I feel pressured and pulled to end it and forced not to, but I'm trying to fight off these feelings and force myself to let it alone and let it grow into a person instead of running away out of fear and because I don't have money. Even if its just cells I don't want to stop it if those cells have within it the potential to be a person." Signed Lisa Sanders.

My mind spun out of control. Suddenly I was reliving a 35 year-old story again. Dear God! How many times could I relive this nightmare? I had asked similar questions but I had asked the wrong people. I had put my trust in the fox that oversaw the hen house. I had made the most important decision of my life based on lies and deception and I would someday be filled with shock, horror and grief when I learned the truth. And worst of all this error of judgment would result in the death of my unborn baby.

My heart felt as if it would pound right out of my chest. I was filled with a sense of panic and urgency as I frantically pecked out a response on the keyboard. "Dear Lisa, please let us help..."

I would later find out that Lisa's real name was Bryonna. Bryonna's story is a true story that is unfolding even as I write this. I do not know how the story will end. I have become very fond of this young woman as have many others at Pro-life Utah and we would like to share this incredible journey with you.

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