Bryonna's Story, Part 2 - Nine Long Days

  • Mary Taylor
  • 09/25/2016

My heart felt as if it would pound right out of my chest. I was filled with a sense of panic and urgency as I frantically pecked out a response on the keyboard. 'Dear Lisa, please let us help...'

I clicked on the send button and leaned back in my chair just staring at the computer screen. What could I say to this woman that might save her from the irreparable and irreversible mistake that I had made so many years ago? What could I say to save her unborn baby? Would she give me a chance to say anything at all?

I paced the kitchen floor and then checked my computer screen again. No response. It seems like hours and yet I think it was about a minute-and-a-half. Unable to concentrate on anything else, I attempted to take care of a few humdrum chores. I checked my computer again. Nothing.

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"Dear Lisa", I began. I would try again. I would tell her of my pain and my heartache. I would tell her that what she was feeling right now is only temporary but that the inescapable and lifelong regret would not be. I would tell her there were other options and I would gently remind her of the tiny but precious life which grew inside of her. My hand was shaking as I clicked on send for the second time.

The hours dragged on with no response from Lisa. The old and still painful memories plagued my mind. I had been young and afraid. My boyfriend of five years had made it very clear. This was my problem. Coming from a very liberal family I had assumed the pro-choice position without even giving it much thought. When the "choice" was mine to make I began to question my beliefs. I made an appointment with a counselor at a local clinic. These people were the experts. They performed abortions every day. They knew the truth. They could answer all of my questions.

The counselor explained to me that there was no baby, only a tiny clump of cells that had the potential to grow into a baby. It was really not that much different from an unfertilized egg. How comforting these words were to a desperate young woman.

The counselor was insistent that I take care of this today before the price and the risk of complications went up. Then, she told me, I would be able to return to my life as if nothing had happened. It all sounded so easy but I knew the moment that my baby was sucked from my body that there was something very, very wrong. I wept for days. I turned to alcohol and marijuana for comfort. The pain in my heart just would not go away.

In desperation I began one more time.

"Dear Lisa, please, please..." and once again no response. For nine long, long days there was no response...

I would later find out that Lisa's real name is Bryonna. Bryonna's story is a true story that is unfolding even as I write this. I do not know how the story ends. I have become very fond of this young woman as have many others at Pro-life Utah.

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