Bryonna's Story, Part 7 - It's a Boy!!!

  • Mary Taylor
  • 10/12/2016

She picked up the phone again but this time dialed Dr. Silver's number.

Bryonna invited me to go to her appointment with Dr. Silver. She would be twenty weeks and she anticipated that this appointment would reveal the gender of her baby. I was deeply honored to be there when Bryonna learned if her baby was a boy or a girl. I was also very concerned about the health issues Bryonna had been dealing with.

I met Bry at the University Hospital. We were both giddy with excitement. Bryonna felt strongly that the baby was a boy. We were about to find out.

I held her hand as the ultrasound technician ran the ultrasound probe across her belly. An image appeared on the screen above us of a perfect little profile. I was overcome with emotion. I squeezed Bryonna's hand.

"Bry! Bry!!! Look! Your baby is beautiful." I could hardly contain my excitement.

Bryonna stared at the screen. A smile spread across her face. She would tell me later that she knew at that moment that I already loved her baby.

The technician moved the probe.

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"It's a boy." She said.

Now it was Bryonna's turn to be excited. We squeezed each other's hands. I leaned over to hug her. Tears ran down her smiling face.

Bryonna told me that she had hoped for a boy and that she had hoped that in some small way his birth would make up for the baby boy that I had mourned for all these years. Now I was in tears. I don't know that anything could ever make up for the choice that I had made years ago but maybe the birth of this baby was one small offering of atonement. At the very least, Bryonna would be one less woman that fell for the lies and deception of the abortion industry.

We pushed Bryonna's wheelchair back into the waiting room. Her happiness spilled over to everyone in that crowded room. Bryonna announced to a room full of strangers that she was going to have a boy. She asked each lady there what their baby was, a boy or a girl. She commented on what a beautiful baby one lady held in her arms. There suddenly seemed to be a party atmosphere in Dr. Silver's waiting room. Bryonna beamed and there was not a person in the room who could help from smiling back at her.

Now it was time for Bryonna to see Dr. Silver. After the examination was over, Dr. Silver congratulated her and told her that baby was doing fine and she was going to make a wonderful mom.

"Really?" Bryonna ask with surprise in her voice.

Dr. Silver explained that most obstetricians saw very few cases like Bryonna's so their level of concern was much greater. In Dr. Silvers office Bryonna was one of his easier cases.

"Really?" Bryonna exclaimed again in disbelief. "My baby will be fine?"

Dr. Silver has a strange sense of humor that we would grow to be quite amused by. It was not that his jokes that were funny so much as his slightly off kilter wit that made us laugh.

"The baby is fine. I can't guarantee that he won't be dumb. But he is fine!" Dr. Silver said.

Bryonna and I looked at each other in disbelief. Did he really just say that? We both burst out laughing. It didn't matter. What mattered was that Bryonna finally had a doctor that was on her side and was committed to bringing her baby into the world.

This is a true story that is unfolding even as I write this. Even I do not know how the story ends. But we do know that Bryonna's medical bills are mounting and she has been unable to work. Please consider donating to this courageous young woman.

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