Planned Parenthood Coerces Women of Faith: My Abortion Story

  • Lindsey Tafengatoto
  • 08/26/2018

It’s no secret that the abortion giant Planned Parenthood makes a large percent of non-government profit off the backs of women who find themselves facing a crisis pregnancy (their most recept annual report details that they did 321,384 abortions in one year). Women who, looking for a way out and someone to lean on, fall into the hands of an industry who sees them as a dollar sign and a political pawn. What’s even worse is that they will manipulate women who have religious or moral misgivings in order to sell abortion.

Here in Utah, Planned Parenthood has stated plans to try and infiltrate religious-based groups (specifically, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) to make themselves more accepted by women and girls who find themselves in vulnerable situations (instead of leaving them to make a decision based on their morals and faith). From the Planned Parenthood Association of Utah Strategic Roadmap of 2016-18:

“We can increase our collaboration with organizations that are natural partners, including the ACLU, local health departments, the YWCA, LDS cultural groups like Young Women and Relief Societies….We also need to ensure that the diversity of staff continues to reflect the diversity of the community they serve, including Latinos, Pacific Islanders and members of faith communities.”

They understand that to women in desperate situations, using pseudo religious organizations with skewed moral compasses, feels like a timely justification to life affirming choices that more closely align with their religious beliefs. The manipulation goes as far as questioning God and making religious people of faith look like the bad guys. A prime example is displayed in the handout found in the Planned Parenthood of Utah facilities entitled, ‘You Are a Good Woman.’ Speaking about those who would encourage women to not have an abortion, they say:

“These people have spent millions of dollars and used politics, religion, intimidation, terrorism, threats, arson, violence and even murder to try to make it so you don’t have a choice... The people who don’t want women to have any choices act as though they speak for God—-as though they are God.”

(It is certainly ironic that they decry murder while they themselves took the lives of 1,957 unborn children in 2017 alone.)

Nationally, Planned Parenthood is not satisfied with their yearly number of 2,400,000 people served in their centers. The greedy abortion chain is actively trying to push their twisted agenda on even those women with completely different belief systems with regard to the sanctity of human life. Their goal is to undercut mainstream religious teaching and familiarize the religious community with their organization enough to justify and promote abortion.

As a woman of faith who had an abortion, I know how Planned Parenthoods plays on the fears of desperate women and men. And I know that bringing to light these plans to sway women from their beliefs is all too important for their mental health and well-being. Convincing a person to do something against their morals does not bring peace or happiness to them. If Planned Parenthood actually cared about the well-being of their patients, they would not manipulate them for their own gain.

When I walked into Planned Parenthood, I was very clearly in emotional distress, but the employees did not comfort me or ask me if I was okay. Instead, they quietly and swiftly proceeded; they didn’t see me as a woman in pain, but instead as a number on a list. I was isolated in my feelings, and I turned them off for the rest of my time there. I silently cried to myself as I was guided through the office, to the procedure room, and back out to the parking lot.

After my abortion, I experienced deep depression. I was justifying what I had done while keeping the emotions at bay with anything to distract me. Fortunately, I was able to confront my experience and mourn my loss after 8 years of thinking I would carry this burden to my grave. I am one person who regrets my abortion and thankfully have found healing, but my heart still aches for the women out there who have been or will be beguiled, forced, or coerced to have abortions.

Woman deserve better. Our unborn deserve better. Protect your daughters, wives, sisters and friends, and stand against Planned Parenthood and their greedy tactics. It's the least we can do in upholding and protecting the humanity and dignity of the victims of Planned Parenthood.  

Lindsey Tafengatoto is part of the Pro-Life Utah team. She is a sidewalk counselor, an events coordinator, and above all, an advocate for women and their children. Watch her story of her journey from a teenager experiencing 2 unplanned pregnancies to a pro-life activist. 

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